Clearing Depth Cleaning With Coal And Alumina

Special cleansing masks are not meant to provide the skin with valuable active ingredients or to properly penetrate them once. They are the only ones who are supposed to clean up the ground. The best ingredients for such a deep cleansing procedure are activated charcoal and clay or healer.

Both have the property of pulling blackheads, tallow, and superfluous oils out of the skin and absorbing them. For clarification of the skin image they are therefore not a bad aid. The clay masks are available as ready-to-use mask packs in drugstore and perfumery , but are also quickly stirred at home. best natural skin care brands helps to keep your skin healthy .

This does not require many ingredients and zero preservatives and fragrances as they can be contained in finished products. With some distilled water, a shot of glycerin (moisturizes), green tea extract (antioxidant), you mix so much alumina (there are different varieties, the finest belongs to Montmorillonite) until you have a nice creamy consistency with your hands or with the masks of your choice.

Intensive moisturizing

More than once a week, the mask mentioned above should not be used, as it is so cleansing, so it also has a drying effect on the skin. This is why the mask is also used for intensive moisturizing. After cleansing the face – whether with a clay mask or not, the skin always needs moisture. Even a greasy and oily skin does not come off without moisture. Gentle consistencies and light sera are quickly absorbed and can be absorbed quickly by the skin. Unlike fat and heavy consistencies, they do not produce even more shine on an already oily skin.

UV protection – and every day!

We do well to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. And that every day! Also in winter and with clouds and rain. UVA radiation is not only constant throughout the year, but also penetrates deeply into our skin through rain, clouds and windows, destroying our collagen fibers. And they are responsible for keeping our fine-pored skin taut and smooth.


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