The Details Of My HCG Diet

Although there is no need to write everything about my HCG diet as there is already too much information on everything related to the HCG diet. But I still want to share my experience and the result after going through the HCG diet.

I was taking HCG instead of the injection, although people say injection are more effective than drops. Every day I used to take 20 drops twice a day (morning and afternoon) a day. I followed this for 26 days. It is necessary to take the drops under the tongue and keep it there for at least 10 minutes before taking it in. It is best to keep it under the tongue as much as possible.

The first two days were loading days that you need to eat as much as possible, taking in drops, I eat all the high fat foods and all my favorite dishes since I knew I have to be in VLCD for the next 26 days. Then came my third day on the HCG and the first on the VLCD (500 calories) diet. It was very difficult, I did not feel hungry, but I had a headache all day, the next day I also felt the same. These 2 days were very difficult even I thought to abandon this diet at that time. After these 2 days each thing was fine, I felt more energetic and active and I felt very good. I was not hungry or empty at any time.

Now more important than what I was eating on the 500 calorie diet. There are many things and dishes that you can eat, there are many  HCG diet recipes on the net. However, I have followed the same diet every day.


My diet:

  • Morning: 2 glasses of water + 1 apple
  • Lunch: 2 tomatoes + 4 hard boiled eggs (3 egg whites + 1 whole egg) + 1 grissini
  • Afternoon: 1 orange + 1 lemon juice
  • Dinner: 2 cucumbers + 4 hard boiled eggs (3 egg white + 1 whole egg) + 1 grissini

I used the salt and pepper in the eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers. I used to drink lots of water, more than 3 liters every day. 4 times black coffee (no sugar and milk) every day.

This was my diet every day for 26 days, since I am a vegetarian, so I had no other choice than food.

I followed this very strict diet for the first 15 days but then made a trap in a few days when I attended some of the parties: (I hate myself for this Even after the cheatings I lost a lot of weight and along with that I lost my lipomas also the smallest ones are all gone and the big one has contracted to 70% and I have become thin … it feels very good Smile

This is not a permanent solution or cure for lipoma but it can still be maintained a control over your growth. Now I am looking for something more permanent and holistic lipoma treatment.

I have changed my lifestyle now; I am living in green only, jogging and yoga every day. Drink lots of water and take antioxidants in my food. Smile

Keep me busy and happy Keep a positive attitude always and believe in the power of attraction, you will attract whatever seems more to you.

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