5 toys for your cat

We give you some ideas, but keep in mind a premise, if the object moves, success is assured . You can use practically any material that you have at home , always avoiding that they are very small and can eat it, poignant or toxic.

Here are some of the most classic toys:

1 – The fishing rod

A stick with a rope, the more elastic, the better and some weight at the end (the pens are ideal). This item can be made at home in no trouble, but also fun versions are sold in pet stores. It’s the perfect way to test your cat’s dexterity in length jumping and reflexes. If you want your cat to became healthy you can buy precision pet products .

2 – The rubber ball

It is best to throw a little and not too big, so you can catch it more easily. If you do not have any on hand, do not worry, you can make a ball with paper that does not fit or if you prefer with aluminum foil (reflections can drive you crazy). Your cat will not stop chasing, jumping, chilenas, and truncheons. Even some experienced players will pick up the ball with their teeth and take it back to their owner in the most canine style to be thrown back.

3- The wool ball

The classic among the classics. The wool ball is an infallible ally to make your cat happy. And is that, it has everything, is soft, easy to bite and catch and on top it undoes and you can play with the cord. A wonder of the world.

4 – Boxes and bags

Without a doubt, the most simple and low cost toy. Such are the cats, it takes nothing more than a bag or box to hide and play to hunt. Sometimes, even, you will find them placidly asleep inside.

5 – The Scraper

They are very easy to find in an animal store and there are many models. The scrapers are intended, as the name implies, to scratch their nails. But with them they can also jump, climb, box, bite … a mini amusement park for the cat.

Most importantly, bear in mind that cats, despite their bad and undeserved fame, are very sociable animals , so the more time you spend playing with them, the happier you will be.

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