The Details Of My HCG Diet

Although there is no need to write everything about my HCG diet as there is already too much information on everything related to the HCG diet. But I still want to share my experience and the result after going through the HCG diet.

I was taking HCG instead of the injection, although people say injection are more effective than drops. Every day I used to take 20 drops twice a day (morning and afternoon) a day. I followed this for 26 days. It is necessary to take the drops under the tongue and keep it there for at least 10 minutes before taking it in. It is best to keep it under the tongue as much as possible.

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5 toys for your cat

We give you some ideas, but keep in mind a premise, if the object moves, success is assured . You can use practically any material that you have at home , always avoiding that they are very small and can eat it, poignant or toxic.

Here are some of the most classic toys:

1 – The fishing rod

A stick with a rope, the more elastic, the better and some weight at the end (the pens are ideal). This item can be made at home in no trouble, but also fun versions are sold in pet stores. It’s the perfect way to test your cat’s dexterity in length jumping and reflexes. If you want your cat to became healthy you can buy precision pet products .

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