Making Money With Your (WordPress) Blog Do You Like This

Real make money online with your blog, secretly dreaming every blogger, right? Write a little bit for your enjoyment and get into sleep. The chance that you can survive (or better) become a millionaire, of course, is very small, but you can usually earn some pocket money with your blog in a pretty low-threshold way. Certainly if you have a nice niche and / or interesting visitor numbers.

And you do not have to be a sales beast (although it does of course help ;-)). I’ve been blogging for about 10 years, and only last year I’m in touch with it. Not here at Writeaholic, but on my Christmas blog Christmaholic . It is not yet so much and is totally unrelated to the hours I put in it, but it’s more than nothing. And let me put forward; I’m absolutely no salesman, on the contrary.

In this blog I like to explore what opportunities I’ve discovered lately to earn some extra money with your blog. In particular, I focus on WordPress, because I have little understanding of other cms systems, hence many tips are especially applicable to WordPress. Of course, all of the following possibilities apply; The more visitors you have, the more you earn / can ask for.


Adsense banners

The easiest and easiest way to earn blogging is to place Google Adsense banners on your blog. For example, at the top of your blog, right next to your logo (a leaderboard) or in your site’s sidebar. All you have to do is create an account with Google Adsense and create a banner. The code will then paste into a text widget in your sidebar. If you want to place a banner on the leaderboard position, that must be possible in your theme (often in your theme options or if there is widget space in the header).


Hosted banner

There are a variety of WordPress plugins that let you easily host a banner from an advertiser and even rotate the banners (if you have multiple providers), such as AdRotate and AdManager. For example, check this article with a multitude of useful plugins . Many themes nowadays also have special widgets, so you can easily put an advertiser’s banner into your sidebar.


Advertorials & sponsored stories

An advertorial is very interesting for many parties; They have a whole blog post the space to bring their own brand, company, product or service to attention. It is so neat to indicate to your visitors that your article contains sponsored content and thus did not originate from your digital pen. It is important, however, to be reluctant to nominate the advertorial as such. Google punishes pages that contain terms such as ‘sponsored’, ‘promoted’ and ‘advertorial’ And that’s bad for both your pagerank and your advertiser.

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