Healthy Weight Loss & Diet: Be Aware When You Eat

We live in a hurrying world where food has become an unconscious act. We eat on our way, behind our desk while we work and for the TV. As a result, we eat more than we need, often without realizing it and enjoying it.

Avoid this by eating consciously. Be aware of what you eat, taste every bite and choose nutrition that is both nutritious and healthy and delicious. Conscious food helps you lose weight and maintain your results.

Tips to eat consciously:

Watch out while you’re eating . Be aware of your environment. Eat slowly, smell the smell of your food, taste the texture. Concentrate on how you feel and feel in your mouth when you are distracted.

Avoid distractions when you eat. Do not eat when you’re watching TV, reading something, sitting behind the computer or in the car. You will easily eat without eating too much.

Good chew! Chew every bite 30 times before swallowing it. You eat more consciously and you take time to enjoy your food. It is also good for digestion.

Stop eating before you are full . It takes a while before the signal from your stomach goes to your brain that you have eaten enough. Contrary to what you have learned before; You do not have to eat your plate empty.

Phases of the hCG Diet

The phases of the HCG diets consist of 21 days, and sometimes more each. They are known as HCG diets phase 1 treatment to reduce weight and eliminate accumulated fat and hCG phase 2 maintenance, is known as phase of maintaining the final weight of the previous phase. A phase 3 hCG is still included that consists of maintaining the figure achieved and maintaining long-term weight by managing eating habits. This phase 3 is about learning to feed through a book of tips and recipes entitled “Clean and Healthy Food for Life” to improve our longevity.

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