Benefits of Toy log trucks: Fun and Learning Controlling Heights

Benefits of playing with toy log trucks

In Simba we have already presented in another post the Mega Crane and the Mega Crane with truck by Dickie Toys . You know how fun they are! But today we look at other aspects and we are going to talk about the benefits of playing with toy log trucks.

Although it does not seem obvious at first sight, playing with cranes brings to the little ones numerous positive aspects.

Dickie’s cranes are included in the large group of imitation toys with which youngsters can imagine a profession in the future, learn to take responsibility and establish models in which to look during their growth.

In this case, with toy log trucks they will learn how the mechanism of the same, how large objects are transported with them and the function they perform in the construction works. Who knows if the major will be dedicated to engineering, architecture or construction …?

But beyond that, these toy log trucks offer endless benefits for the development of children. Both the Mega Crane and the Mega Crane with truck are designed for children over 3 years. With a height of 1 meter, approximately, the children will be in front of a large toy that will have to learn to handle.

In addition, these toy log trucks have a remote control for remote control up, down, right or left. Thanks to this remote control the children can learn the meaning of the directions.

Likewise, they can also work with the oculo-manual coordination and fine motor skills, as they will have to handle the buttons and levers of the remote control, exercising their fingers and working the movements smoothly to raise the cabin by the crane or lower it, Move the arm to one side or the other without the load falling. An exercise in balance.

The children can also share the game with other children and invent stories in which these toy log trucks are the protagonists.

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