Adsense Account –To Advertise Your Online Store

You can put adsense ads for your online store selling products. The Adsense ads will show my own items for sale. For this first you must Buy Adsence Account and register in it.

Problems in Adsense account:

The AdSense account can not be if you have two AdSense accounts.

The AdSense account can not be activated even if you do not follow AdSense program policies.

Sell ​​products as if you were an online store

If your blog is dedicated, for example, to technology, which is dedicated to selling cheap laptops, you can monetize traffic by selling these products.

The advantages of this type of monetization are that it is much more lucrative, and that you do not rely so much on third platforms. Your money does not depend on Google or any advertiser, but on your ability to sell the products you offer.

The disadvantages are that, in order to get a sale, you will have to work much more. However, it should be mentioned that, even if you get less sales than clicks, as those sales generate a greater profit, you end up profitable.

In addition, it should be noted that there are several ways to sell products of this type over the Internet. You can have your products in stock and offer them, but it is not strictly necessary. You can also sell via affiliation or Dropshipping.

Affiliation is basically promoting products and then redirecting people who are willing to buy to the platform where they can make the purchase (eg Amazon).

Dropshipping is similar, but allows you to enjoy wider margins. That is, through these systems, you stay with the work of promotion and sale, but you save the management of stocks and the distribution of the product.


Offer on-site services

One last option is to use your blog to sell your services in person. For example, photographers, but not just them. Any job that requires your physical presence, can be enhanced and amplified by your work in a blog.

For example, there are blogs dedicated to the world of piano, which are currently offering a face-to-face piano tuning course to learn piano tuning simply and with a professional who explains in great detail what the procedure is. Thought: How can you monetize a theme like the piano? And have thought of selling scores, or pianos, or online courses, or a thousand things. And maybe some of those strategies would have worked.

However, people usually like to enjoy something tangible, and offering a face-to-face course can be a great way to offer people that tangible “something”.

The advantages of this type of monetization is that, being more physical and “real”, you can charge more for the service, which allows you to monetize the work done on the blog.

The disadvantage, of course, is that you will have limited hours per day to be able to monetize that work, and there is the added problem that customers have to travel to where they offer the service.

As you can see, there are many ways to make a living on the Internet, and within the world of blogging, there are many ways to make money. In this case, we have presented four of the most common forms, but there are more … Just investigate to monetize your passion !.

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