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Currency Trader of 12 Years Develops The Most Powerful Currency Trading Signal Generating Software & Helps Many People Make Their First 1,000 PIPS - With Absolutely No Experience!



Dear friend & Aspiring Currency Trader,


You've arrived at the right time.


Today is going to be one of the best days of your life. I'm totally serious.


I've been where you have been, to be honest, we're not much different from each other;

we seek ways to make money online, we try all the things available to us under the Sun in the hopes to start that long journey to a spirit free, stress & debt free life to do what you want with and share with our loved ones.


But the things we have tried just do not work well as those who advertised. One is left to think, were these people serious, does this really work, and how hard is it to implement and how fast can one get started to making money?


I'm not a guy who's trying to touch all the points of your emotions just so you buy Ultimate Golden Cross today.

I'm a sharpe shooter, I tell it how it is.


And truth is, Ultimate Golden Cross custom alert indicator is what you need right now.


Never Say No To Having Fun!

This is me and Melissa,


Melissa, who just pass with high honors in Polictical Science. She's heaps of fun to be with, and you know what else? I would of never met her if it was not for my fortune trading the Forex Currencies.


If I were ilding sitting at some factory, working 9-5 making minimum to average wage, meeting one of a million ladies like Melissa would not of been possible; I've travelled around the world several times - as much fun as it was, meeting Melissa made up for the entire time I've been travelling.


Awesome, Intelligent young Lady who has a lot to coming her way to succeed in what she always longed to do.


I thank the Forex, and perhaps a 3rd spirit for allowing to meet a free spirit person like Melissa, that I can relate to..


A Little Dedication Is All That Is Needed!


I've Almost Reached My Dreams That I've Had Since I Was 8 Years Old!


I kid you not...


Travel around the world, meet new people, become a resident of the Poker circuit in Las Vegas, Nevada. I wanted to do well in life, and not do so much work.


Wake up when I want, I have a nice place to live, simply just living the life to the fullest, the way it should be!

Most if not all thanks to trading currencies.


Do want to work from home, getting up when you want, going to sleep when "you" feel like it. Doing the things you always wanted to do...


well, I'm here to help. If you are totally serious in discovering a new method to making money online, which does take some work, nothing is that easy; put some study time in, persevere, ask questions and you'll reach your goal faster than you can say your name!



Never Miss A Buy Or Sell Signal Again!


I know first hand how it feels to be frustrated, missing the buy and sell currency signals only after to come back from the Bathroom wishing you held off for a little longer.


It totally sucks not being able to reap the rewards if you work during the day.

Come to think of it, it sucks working for anyone, period!


How does working 1-3 hours per day (if that to be honest), doing the things you've always longed to do but couldn't because day work got in the way.


What if there is a solution to this to lead to what you want to do?


I have a track record for showing and teaching any person, regardless of experience, and taking them within 6 weeks to a point they can trade currencies using the correct money management and start trading the forex on their own.


This Is How POWERFUL Ultimate Golden Cross Is!


GBP/USD Currency Pair
(educational purposes only: Image Shows Potential)


Take Profit, Stop Loss Levels easily spotted and takes less than 10 seconds to input.

The strategy that we aim for here, is to find a suitable Stop Loss according to the

time frame we are currently using Utlimate Golden Cross on to find these very

powerful trading signals, then the next Take Profit Level.

We can take a more advanced approach to make even more money by safe guarding

our open trade to break even, or booking in profits while moving our take profit

levels to newer profitable regions.



EUR/USD Currency Pair
(educational purposes only: Image Shows Potential)


Don't make the mistake that tens of thousands of dollars can be made in a short space of time.

Trading Currencies is risky; however with control, the risk can be reduced a LOT!

Every person is different, one thing I will say is, more patient one is, the larger

the rewards are - food for thought.


This is not some Forex Robot website promising one riches within months on auto pilot, or showing you back testing results to make it look good.


The difference here, is, there is no backtesting made...

The indicator works on some rules, and the human needs to make a choice, not like what a Forex Robot can do.

Sure, a Forex Robot can make some good desicions, but not 100% of the time, if even 50% of the time.


Follow the simple set of rules inside, and I promise you it will yield a lot more money back than any robot out there. I'm not just saying that either.


I'm in developement of FX PRICE ACTION EA... It's been almost two years to perfect it.


From experience, Robots are nice if they work all the time, unfortunately they don't. But with a very powerful custom indicator, YOU can make the choice...


And if the choice is confusing... guess what?


CONTACT ME, and I'll let you know, each and every time you have a query to double check if the choice you're going to make is the correct one so you start making profits from the set go!


No one else out there will you find that is offering this type of success building to its clients and friends.





Here's some case studies



Ashley is a very dedicated person, never gives up and always strives to succeed, and it's paying off. New to trading currencies since Nov, 09 where he became a Forex Signal Mentor member.


I've noticed a huge jump in the successful trades made by people who knew little, or not enough to be dangerous and STILL pull home the bacon.


Are You Finding Work Life Takes Most Out Of Your Day?


If you've traded currencies before, or want to give it a try, one thing most traders need is "time"; being in the right place at the right time.


I've lost count how many times I have heard as well as myself experienced a situation where one has waited hours and hours for a currency signal to pop up, then one had to go out, or do something around the house only to find when you come back, the signal was shining bright to jump on, but it's too late.

So frustrating.


Good news; The Ultimate Golden Cross Custom Made Alert Indicator, gives you the freedom all traders are looking for.


Turn up your volume, and wait for the sound, head to your PC and see if the signal is one you want to take on.


Some of my customers are making more than 1,100 pips per month, while others around 300 pips or so per month.


Your results may differ, however, even if you have had no prior experience trading currencies. As I say, I got your back, I'm going to teach you.


And over time you will see that Ultimate Golden Cross simply pays for itself, over time.



Never Traded Currencies Before?


Don't worry...


You'll receive all the Forex Support you need to answer any question you have, I'm not like your regular vendor who only answers one email then ignores you. You'll receive all the attention you need, to the point where it has helped my currrent members make over $130,000,000 in the last two months.


Capitalize On Every Currency Pair!


Skyrocket your chances getting a signal; Ultimate Golden Cross works on any currency pair, and any time frame.


However it's specific use to make the big gains like all the top gun currency traders out there lay within the 30 Min Time Frame up to the Daily Time Frame.


If making more than 1,000 pips per month is what you're after, use the 4HR and Daily Time frame. If used properly, 300-700 pips can be made out of each trade which can last as long as 7 trading days.


Please note: this is not an MT4 Expert Advisor, sadly to say these do not do well most of the time.


Ultimate Golden Cross is a custom made alert indicator, designed for any currency pair, and time frames preferrably on 30 Min Time Frames or higher.


It has one of the highest success rates that no Forex Robot can match!


And it can work in your favor if you've never traded currencies before - All the Support you need is provided at no extra cost.


Install In Minutes, Not Hours!


Time is short, no long boring PDF books to read... Easy to follow Screen Capture Video Manual, plus Webinar recording of how it works.


Plus you'll get heaps of other training on top!


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To ensure that you get the best out of this indicator, not only can you turn up when they start, but they will also be recorded so you do not miss a thing.


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